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Technology Education January 5, 2011

All of our technology education is offered on an hourly basis and in a one-on-one setting.  Groups are allowed at no additional charge, but in some cases, extra time may be needed.  The instruction can be personalized for your needs.

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Learn how to use your digital camera or digital SLR camera.  We cover topics such as composition, aperture, shutter speed, and lighting.  No photography experience is necessary.




Photo Editing

Using your current photo-editing software, learn how to edit those annoying and distracting blemishes on your pictures.  If you do not currently have photo-editing software, it may be a good idea to purchase one beforehand.  We recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements because it is inexpensive and easy to use.

Pinnacle Studio 14

Video Editing

Learn how to make and edit home video.  We can show you how to use free programs that come with your computer, or we can help you with software that you have purchased.



Learn how to use Word, Excel, Outlook, and/or PowerPoint.


Computer Networking



Home Networking

Learn how to set up and maintain your own home network.




Web Design

Learn how to design websites using WYSIWYG editors or content management systems.  


The cost for each class is $50 per hour.